Janna Perry is the lead Costume Designer for Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre. She has over 25 years of sewing and crafting design experience and is a self-taught costume designer. She was taught to sew as a child by her mother, and one of her first jobs was sewing gowns and undergarments for Vanity Fair, Inc. Throughout her children's school years, she created unique costumes for every occasion and dreamed of one day working for a theatrical company. In 2009, she and her daughter opened an online shop in the Etsy community, selling handcrafted home goods and jewelry. Her business expanded and was popularized in the cosplay arena with her design of a cheeseburger backpack inspired by a popular cartoon. Janna also created custom-request plush toys, which she enjoyed because the opportunity for creativity and the logistical challenges it created. In the spring of 2014, she was asked by a local actor to make a costume for his part in a local production. That work led to her association with ESRT and eventual position as costume designer. Janna believes in doing massive amounts of research in preparation for her show designs and creates costumes that are beautiful and unique. She has fun using unconventional items for surprising effects. Janna is a mother of three and lives in Fairhope with her husband and youngest son. She spends her free time with her granddaughter, Abi, and in volunteer Christian ministry work.