Wondering what's next? Take a look at our CURRENT EVENTS!

Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre trains believes in the power of education through performances. Each participant brings acting, dance and vocal talent developed through our shows and brought up to professional standards. We want each performer to grow professionally as they work with other talented members of our ensemble, and take advantage of the outside professionals who team up with ESRT each season to help us train and prepare. Our season typically unfolds as follows:

- A Fall family performance at Fairhope Civic Center, typically attended by over 5,000 schoolchildren in Mobile and Baldwin counties

- A special benefit show, each at its own unique location

- Junior Theatre Festival, held each year in Atlanta, Georgia

- The award-winning Theatre on the Bluff each Spring on the Fairhope Bluff

We also include mini-performances in our summer camps, giving each young participant a chance to work with a director and get a feel for having a presence on stage. Summer camp performances are open to families and friends of participants.

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